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Metering / Dosing Pump

Dynamic metering pumps also known as controlled volume or proportioning positive displacement pumps are continuously growing in both application and design. The chemicals handled by Dynamic metering pump range from viscous slurries to solvents, corrosives and oxygen scavengers, radioactive fluids and liquids that must be maintained at higher temperatures.

Dynamic metering pumps are accurate to with 0.5 to 1% of set point and discharge & definite amount of liquid with each stroke of piston or plunger.

Dynamic metering pumps have the characteristics which are quite suitable for dosing application like ability of easily developing high pressure in single stage and also have flow versus pressure characteristics which is quite flexible. Our pumps are capable of delivering very accurate flow repeatedly because of their precise displacement quality, and can be adjusted easily for speed or stroke length to have variable flow rate.

Dynamic Reciprocating Type metering Pump / Dosing pumps are designed as per API / HIS. Our pumps are controlled volume pumps used to accurately feed & predetermined volume of fluid in a specific time period. The capacity of metering / Dosing pump is determined by the plunger diameter, the stroke length, and the number of pumping strokes per unit times.


Material of Construction
Material of construction of pump head assemblies is CS/SS-304/SS-316/alloy-20/Hast-B/Hast-C/Titanium/PVC/PP and diaphragms in rubber or Teflon materials.


Range of Coverage

Flow rate : upto 4000 LPH
Discharge : upto 200 kg/cm²
Temperature : upto 400ºC
Viscosity : upto 1000Cp
Metering Accuracy : 0.5% to 1%


Salient Features
· Compact & elegant
· Easy Operation
· Low Noise Stroke adjustment Manual / Remote
· High accuracy
· Greater reliability



Field of Application
Beverages, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Detergents, film & photo, Milk & Dairy Products, man made fibre, Natural gas, Nuclear Plants, Petroleum Plastics, Pharmaceuticals Industries, paints & varnishes, paper & wood pulp, water treatment plants.