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Leak free pumping for Safer future

With wide experience in solving pumping problems, we can provide you with a range of Sealless, centrifugal pumps with exceptional operating reliability.

Dynamic Canned Motor Pumps are highly efficient due to reduced life cycle operating cost, zero fugitive emissions, eliminating environmental pollution risks and allowing very safe pumping of fluids without wastage of valuable, hazardous -- even explosive fluids, due to sealless construction and other unique features.

The wide range of models available allows top quality standardization. HIgh efficiency is combined with superb handling and ease of installation is attributed to the experience of the Dynamic Team and close collaboration with large number of customers.

The uniqueness of its Drive Motor Construction is that, there is no dynamic shaft seal, no coupling and no ball bearings. The motor is cooled by the pumped liquid and the sleeve type bearings are lubricated by the same liquid. This eliminates the need for external lubrication. The stator of the dricing motor, which is usually three phase squirrel cage induction motor, is hermetically contained in a stator containment that consists of external frame tube, outboard and inboard end plates and internal cylinder liner.

The Rotor which is welded on the shaft, is also encapsulated with a non-magnetic liner. Both stator can and rotor can are seal welded at both ends, and does not allow any part of the motor to be exposed to external enviroment or internal pumped liquid. The can represents a static atmospheric seal and separates the rotor compartment from the stator compartment, such that levels of <10 cc/sec are acheived to ensure integrity of the canning. The versatile drive system has exceptionally improved the operating limits for pressure, temperature and tosicity of the flow of the product responding to heightened safety and environment protection requirements all over the world. Dynamic canned motor pumps are flame proof and are CMRI certified to EEx-d 11b T4(Ex) ds,IS: 2148-204 AND weather proof protection : IS:12063-1987, IP-67.

Installation & Space Requirements
Dynamic Canned Motor Pumps are characterized by extremecompactness and consequentially low space requirements, because the pump and motor form integral unit, neither base late nor special foundations are required, our units are not at all sensitive to distortion caused by the piping, this is of special importance if heat transfer oils are to be pumped at high temperatures. This allows the pump to ne installed in otherwise inaccessible place for eg. in ships and nuclear power station -- being noiseless and vibration free.

Due to more stringent health and safety regulations canned motors are beneficial replacement, if properly installed and operated, canned motor pumps render technical processes maintenance free and safe and contribute to increases productivity and reduced maintenance costs.